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Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 16:53:56 EDT


There were 30 in attendance at the Moore Family Reunion that was held in its entirety in the multi purpose building of the church. Chairman E. Ray Moore, Jr. opened the meeting in prayer. He then gave the following list of 10 names that were received recently, as having passed away: Richard McDowell Randall Richardson Dr. Henry Moore Philip Warren Daisy Moore Mike Weathersby Helen Neary Jeanne Yale Howard Neary Nathan Yale Concentrating on three, he read Scripture from both the Old and New Testament, "I know that my redeemer liveth" and "I am the resurrection and the life." A prayer followed this from the Chairman.

The secretary's report was given and accepted as read.

Harriet Edenfield then gave the treasurers report. After donations, expenditures and interest to the account, the balance stood at $1832.27. In recognition of the following, Harriet presented gifts to:

1) Descendant traveling the farthest: Ryland Bailey,Richmond, VA

2) Oldest female descendant: Elizabeth Haltiwanger

3) Oldest male descendant: E. Ray Moore, Sr.

4) Youngest descendant: Colton Weathersby

5) Descendant with the largest family group: Elizabeth Haltiwanger

6) Descendant winning the drawing: Haskell Moore

The chairman directed attention to copies of four letters received and placed on one of the tables. They were from Arrie Fletcher BOYD, Dorothy V. RICHARDSON, Mary Hines Beard SHERROD and Mary Bates WEHBI.

Ryland Bailey gave a report about his "adoption" into the family that came about with his association with Ann Jackson Douglas beginning in the fall Of 1978. She died in 1982, but he still enjoys attending the Moore Family Reunion.

The Chairman asked for a feasibility study about creating an Internet Moore Family web page that could be visited by persons all over the world and suggesting www.moorefamilyreunion.com as its address. He asked for a committee to be formed for the development and maintenance of such a site indicating the cost would be in the neighborhood of $500.

Scott Beasley, Nikki Beasley and Ray Moore, Jr. were selected as the research committee, with Haskell Moore as a consultant. All have had experience in such developments. They will make a recommendation to all and mailed via snail mail and e-mail in the form of a ballot. This is to be accomplished before next year's meeting that will be held October 20, 2002.

Motion was made that the current officers be retained for the following year - carried. Arthur Haltiwanger asked the question as what would it take to update the

Moore Family Book, last published in 1976. Several people echoed this question. Harriet remembered an "Eric" that was interested in doing the update, but that his last name had escaped her. For quite awhile this thought was being kicked around in the hope that someone with this type of skill would step up to the plate, bringing up-to-date the Moore Book. Meeting closed in prayer by E. Ray Moore, Jr. Submitted by: Ken Moore, Secretary